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This adorable hair accessory features a perfect ice cream cone with luscious pink and purple ice cream scoops that are sure to make you melt with joy ! This summer is going to be hot, you're sure to be looking cooler than ever with this lovely claw in your hair. You'll be able to rock the most comfortable hairstyles, thanks to its gentle acetate teeth.

This baby is made from Cellulose Acetate. A material of plant origin (wood pulp and cotton), certified by the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council). Cellulose acetate is Eco-Friendlier than plastic and more durable!

- 8 cm width
- Made from cellulose acetate* and nickel-free + tested hardware
- Proudly and responsibly made in Jinhua, China

*Please note: Slight variations in color or pattern may occur due to the nature of the handmade acetate production. Each piece may exhibit unique color and pattern characteristics, making each accessory one-of-a-kind. 

Original artwork by Joanna Behar ©.


Who is Joanna Behar?

Playful, unique, and delightfully kawaii creations come together in a world brimming with character! Her inspiration draws from clever wordplay, typography, and vibrant colors...

After living in New York City for five years and earning a BFA, (bachelor of fine arts), in communication from Parsons School of Design in 2011, Joanna returned to Paris and worked in the press. Initially driven by a desire to no longer work for someone else, she discovered pins and created her first design. To her surprise, it took off, and her online shop became a reality.

This marked the start of a new adventure, sparking an even greater desire to create...

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If you ever wondered about stories behind pins this cutie has one for the win. Today's the day, you find out HOW this little ghost became sad somehow…

Once upon a time there was a white little ghost. He was the one who loved his cloak the most. One fateful day, a nasty red sock, got mixed with his whites and everyone mocked... His pink new sheet and all of its stains, he became sad and all that remained what a frowny little ghost who was pink and in pain =(

These cute little ghosts now need a new home, full of love hope and regrowth ! Carry them with you everywhere as a reminder that kindness should never be overlooked 

- 25mm height hard enamel pin (~0.95 in)
- Gold plated iron
- rubber pin back

Original artwork by Joanna Behar ©.

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